And What Does THE MARKETPLACE Cater To?


And What Does THE MARKETPLACE Cater To?

The Times of India and its mother or father company Times Group have shown their true colors finally. This publication, you shall notice, self-certifies itself as the upholder of women’s rights, liberalism, freedom, and what not. Through the December 16 protest movement, the newspaper became the Vanguard of the motion by indulging in symbolic nomenclature and sensationalism to up its reputation by building on the frenzy and anger that developed soon after the horrific event. The right times Group, which includes been time and again accused of having no ideology and journalistic ethics apparently has one- an ideology of stifling voices that harms corporate and business interests.

The publication has blacklisted the recently released documentary ‘The World Before Her’ from the review pages of each subsidiary that it handles. Reason- THE DOCUMENTARY EXPOSES THE CHILLING REALITIES OF THE WONDER OBSESSION CULTURE PROMOTED BY ‘MISS INDIA BEAUTY PAGEANT’, AN EVENT THE DAYS GROUP HAS A STAKE IN. Since the dawn of corporate-owned media houses, the facade of freedom and promotion has been so effectively promoted that the general readers/audience fail to realize the fallacy ‘freedom’ and ‘objectivity’ that the best media houses sell.

For a detailed analysis of how the corporate media functions, please make reference to the book Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky and the truth behind the facade of independence will be as clear as daylight. What I am more keen on however, is showing the way the supposedly liberating part of modernity and free market is in fact as regressive as the Draconian patriarchal norms arranged by religions.

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The market logic has over and over created a frenzy that subsequently has advertised a culture of obsession established on norms of beauty described by the market. And exactly what does the market cater to? And guess, what confirms to the norm of recognition in these full cases? Preferences Defined by Patriarchy and Misogyny. Without doubt hence when the obsession with white skin, zero figures, and certain means of dressing, carrying oneself about, talking etc are promoted after being covered in the popular cloaks of progress and modernity. Contests like the Miss India Beauty Pageant symbolize this obsession and frenzy that are sugar coated as being progressive.

It is all these regressive modes of propaganda that the documentary The World Before Her problems by depicting the chilling realities of Draconian patriarchy in its most banal form, as well as the market powered culture of ‘beauty obsession’. The top inside the Durga Wahini camps, the militant women’s wing of the Hind hard collection company Vishwa Hindu Parishad shows us the re-emergence of the Neo-Hindutva ideology with the rise of the RSS and its affiliates. The teachings of the Wahini stand for a militant propagation of hard range Hindu cultural beliefs predicated on the fastest and misogynist Hindu scripture Manusmriti.

At once, the chilling realities of the corporate-powered ideology are also brought home- and that’s the reason the film has angered the corporates and hence this use of financial and propaganda clout to silence opposition. Its an undeniable fact well recognized that the marketplace in India hasn’t been pro-women for example. Is it the banal propagation of patriarchy through Saas-Bahu Soap Operas on TV, or downright commodification of ladies in advertisements.

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