Does She Own A Shop?


Does She Own A Shop?

There are so many business ideas for Nigerians one can pursue within Nigeria that you’ll feel disappointed when you here people complain that there aren’t many opportunities. After all have a look at some interesting ideas I want to give out, you’ll get why quickly. Who says making money from home using a website in Nigeria is not a wonderful idea here.

Faizah Umar is a pastry hobbyist who recognized she could generate income from selling pastries after relatives and buddies took notice of her lovely baking skills. She doesn’t have a website like Agnes but interacts through Black Berry Messenger (BBM) with her clients. Of course she did rely on word of mouth initially but today her reputation speaks for itself, a few of her clients go as far as helping her source elements on her behalf cupcakes because they just think it’s great. Tina Nathaniel is a mom and wife. Yewande is a genius when it comes to bead making. Does a shop be owned by her? The answer is no but she does good business.

Like the good examples above, she actually is energetic on BBM, has a facebook page where she discusses what she does and receives serious enquiries from people who want her beads. Be exceptionally good at what you do. All these women offer services that few people can match. Put the term out!

Being good alone won’t get you customers you have to inform people about it. Speak to friends and friends of friends about interesting things connected to what one does, that’s the best way to find customers. Whether it’s on facebook, twitter or google plus or even BBM do put the term away.

He published or signed over 1,700 inspections from one checking account. 3 Indeed, he authorized most of Gateway Beef’s assessments between January-May 2004, that through July 2004 and most checks after, including payroll investigations, checks to himself and his company (the Tarpoff Packing Company), and checks to the U.S. Treasury. Plaintiff explained that “whatever investigations were given to me, I would take a look at them, glance at them, and sign them” (Doc. He viewed the bills provided with the checks to ensure they matched. Plaintiff signed bank checks in 2004 for Gateway Beef’s delinquent 2003 taxes.

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He testified, however, june 30 that he did not know by March 31 or, 2004, whether Gateway Beef had paid its payroll taxes or if the checks he’d authorized were for delinquent taxes. Nor did he consider if the payroll taxes had been paid. Brach directed the firing and hiring of employees at Gateway Meat. He would give instructions to plaintiff, who then carry them out, dealing with the unions if required. Plaintiff interviewed new employees and suggested new hires to Brach and the Cooperative. With Brach’s authorization, plaintiff hired his sons when these were home from school.

He acquired also employed employees at Gateway Beef, Inc. (a separate business) who later became employees of Gateway Beef, LLC. Gateway Beef lost money throughout its short existence. 8,000-10,weekly until improvements to the facilities could be produced 000. Those improvements were completed never, though. At some true point, Brach halted paying the payroll taxes and certain expenses. Caughron computed the payroll tax withholdings and would send the amounts to Brach. He was sent by her investigations to pay the fees, but he did not return them. When she pressed him on the problem, Brach informed her to contact his accountant, Michelle Weiss. So Caughron faxed letters from the IRS to Weiss three or four times per week.

She also notified the treasurer of the Cooperative, Bill Boston, that the taxes weren’t being paid. Caughron said she made claims to plaintiff that Brach had not been paying the taxes, though she did not say when. At least ten inspections plaintiff wrote between March-May 2004 bounced. He testified that he only knew about one check at the right time, however.

As the head cattle buyer, plaintiff attended cattle auctions. 49,000. Seven days later when plaintiff came back to the public sale barn, one of the owners informed him the Calloway check experienced bounced. Plaintiff called Brach and others at Gateway Beef immediately, but was unable to reach anyone. He finally spoke with the leader of the Cooperative, Rob Meyer.