SoftBank Investing $5 Billion In China Ride Hailing Firm Didi Chuxing


SoftBank Investing $5 Billion In China Ride Hailing Firm Didi Chuxing

5.5 billion to increase its business abroad and develop artificial cleverness technology. Sources had said investors included SoftBank. A SoftBank spokesman said on Friday the investment was related to Didi’s last fund-raising circular. 100 billion technology fund as telecoms services markets mature. 25 billion over the next five years in the account, which would be one of the world’s largest private equity investors.

Analysts expect debt-heavy SoftBank to transfer a few of its existing investments to the finance to meet that commitment. SoftBank disclosed the Didi investment in a declaration seen by Reuters on Friday and first reported by local mass media. It said the impact of the investment on its results for the entire year ending March 2018 had not yet been determined.

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