Brand Protection Software Confronting Online Brand Abuse


Brand Protection Software Confronting Online Brand Abuse

The Internet and the technological innovations have facilitated globalization. If organizations have gone global with business solutions the clients are facilitated with faster search options for their required goods and services. This also allows these to compare the features, prices and choose the best one which fits into their requirements. However, as the web grows to be a dynamic and essential part of every organization, placing the business online for expansion of business in addition has made it susceptible to exploitation negatively impacting the organization brand images.

Business conglomerates and corporate and business industries of the hi-tech industry segments, Pharmaceuticals and the blissful luxury goods producers need to foresee the kind of exploits and abuses that might impact their brand image and take proactive steps towards brand protection. The exploitations might come in from online resources such as infringing pay-per-clicks sites, automated phishing expeditions, false cyber or organizations squatted domain names. These may maintain the form of brand counterfeiting, product counterfeiting and other frauds. Earlier companies used to protect their brand by using search engine inquiries or notifications on the main element brands.

But with the advancement of the Internet and technological development, domain episodes are more common. Deploying of an online fraud security programs and use of brand safety software can help the organizations protect their domains and brands. An ideal brand security strategy should include programs that would monitor of Internet activity, Website entries and prioritize collected data into actionable information into structured information for id and proactive management. The cyber analyst dashboards and reviews from the recognition are utilized by the NewMomentum experts to identify the seller collection. They then use this investigative workflow tools and comprehensive referral deals to enforce automated auction shutdowns, creation of automatic C&D letters while monitoring online the compliance with c&d and shutdown request. New Momentum’s brand protection software services facilitates the customers to monitor globally on the day-to-day basis for just about any illegal activities, and automatically classifies the offenders and shuts down their listings thus enforcing anti-fraud actions for effective brand protection.

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  2. Rules Execution Server – web based tool to deploy and perform the guidelines
  3. Create top-down Virtual BI situations
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  5. Department Directory
  6. Increases in transport costs
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