Journal Of Corporate Accounting & Finance


Journal Of Corporate Accounting & Finance

We are still in an prolonged period of economic turbulence, creates author and veteran business advisor Jim Edwards. And there is no new evidence that things are changing for the better. The U.S. gross domestic product dropped by 2.9% through the first quarter of 2014. That is not a good transmission for business cash inflows. And it possibly forecasts a space in cash receipts from customers in the near term. So what strategy should treasurers adopt to manage the cash movement gap?

When you’re thinking about how exactly often you should distribute, you want to think about what you’re posting also. Videos can be a great way to seize attention, breakdown complex topics in a manner that is simpler for your audience to comprehend, or showcase your products. For instance, Red Bull uses YouTube to show from the extreme sports, occasions, and competitions they sponsor.

With over seven million clients to their route, Red Bull has one of the very most popular YouTube pages out there. Infographics are another way you can make your articles more interesting for your audience, if you’re revealing huge amounts of data or research especially. Actually, over 41% of marketers said that infographics were the most engaging types of visual content for their audience.

  • ITM 5000 Information Technology Management: Overview (Required Course) (3 hours)
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This ranked even higher than videos. Infographics are popular because they’re easy to skim and visual insanely, making them ideal content for your always-busy customers and clients. You can also expand your reach and get more focus on your content by producing podcasts. Repurposing written content into spoken will help you reach customers who don’t enjoy reading – growing your audience to new individuals.

When endeavoring to create different types of content, don’t hesitate to get creative. However, you always want to think back to your target audience. Concentrate on creating content that your audience would want to engage with. Your articles shouldn’t sell. Sure, the whole purpose of marketing is to create interest in your business and drive sales. But you can’t begin a relationship with a potential lead with a sales page.

Today’s customers don’t like for sale to. That’s due to the fact they don’t need to be sold to. With the web at their fingertips, customers are more capable of finding their options without needing to speak with a salesperson ever. Actually, 60% of consumers won’t connect with a salesperson until they’ve already created a shortlist of potential purchases.

By the time they’re ready to buy, they know more or less what they’re looking for. This means you need to use your content to teach them – before you ever have the opportunity to connect. Your articles should be specially formatted to meet the unique needs of your buyer during every stage of their journey. Let’s breakdown what that journey appears like.