Sainsbury’s Digs In For A Fight Over Asda Merger


Sainsbury’s Digs In For A Fight Over Asda Merger

You have to admire Sainsbury’s for refusing to consider your competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) negative response to its £14billion merger with Walmart-owned Asda lying down. The grocer won a moral triumph within the CMA in the courts when it disputed the timetable for scrutiny of the deal this year. Now Sainsbury’s is limbering up for a fight over alleged mistakes in the CMA’s analysis. It says the CMA double-counted Asda’s convenience stores since it mistakenly categorised home shops as food outlets. It also argues that the goalposts were transferred by the CMA by changing the threshold for competition concerns in local areas.

However, I’ll likely cap my REIT exposure at a mixed weight of only 10% of my collection. I’m trading rollover money quicker than I expected, but I’m happy to do so easily can find shares trading at attractive valuations. Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 6:29 PM 16 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!

For my first purchase today I bought shares of HCP, Inc. (HCP), a varied and large health care REIT. I provided some information about HCP within an article on Seeking Alpha while i started my position in August. The ongoing decline in the stock price (HCP now has a P/FFO below 13) motivated me to average down by increasing my position. 84.00 to my annual dividend income. This purchase was made in my Roth IRA using rollover money. Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 6:29 PM 6 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!

Having already made two purchases for my Roth IRA in November, I did so not plan on buying other things this month. However, Mr. Market arrived knocking on my door this morning with a chance that I made a decision to jump on. Today I purchased shares of Target Corporation (TGT), operator of over 1,800 retail stores selling general merchandise in america and now Canada. Target is viewed as a more upscale version of its largest rival generally, Wal-Mart Stores (WMT). Target has achieved reasonable operating results over the past several years, with 5-12 months development rates of 3.0% for income and 6.3% for cash flow.

Recent development has been slowed by Target’s development into Canada, where it offers encountered some troubles, a year or two but I think the company will overcome these short-term growing aches within. Target has an impressive dividend growth record. The ongoing company is a Dividend Champ, having increased its dividend for 46 consecutive years. I think TGT is slightly undervalued to pretty respected at the existing price.

It has a P/E of 15.3 (vs. P/S of 0.6 (vs. P/B of 2.5 (vs. Note that these true quantities never have been updated to reveal the results reported by the business previously today. 64.00 and a 3-superstar ranking. 73.20 and a 4-star ranking. 69.09, which implies an 8% margin of security at my purchase price, hence my conclusion that the stock is undervalued to fairly appreciated somewhat.

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Today the stock price dropped 3.5% because the business missed earnings and revenue estimates for the latest quarter, but as mentioned above, I treat this as short-term weakness. Value Line’s analyst expects revenue to “crank up at a solid speed” starting in fiscal 2014 and S&P Capital IQ views above-average development from fiscal 2015 onward.

63.70 per share (no commission rate paid due to a free of charge trade — my last one), providing me a 2.70% produce on cost. 51.60 to my annual dividend income. The stock went ago ex-dividend a couple of days, therefore i shall not have the next dividend payment. However, my less expensive basis due to today’s price dip is equivalent to about 6.5 quarterly dividend payments, which more than compensates for the missed payment.

This purchase was manufactured in my Roth IRA using rollover money. Target becomes the 33rd stock in my portfolio and gives me more diversification in the retail sector, where it is approximately equal-weight with my WMT position. I am tempted to say which i am done buying stocks for the month, but Mr. Market could again amaze me.