To Joining LDI Prior


To Joining LDI Prior

To Joining LDI Prior 1

Mark joined the team in 2014 as a Quantitative Investment Actuary in order to deepen the Boutique’s quantitative and actuarial skills. He is accountable for overseeing the LDI Actuarial, Risk and Quants team which looks after liability management, actuarial and quantitative analysis, quantitative research, asset-liability risk modeling and LBP marketing and management.

Mark has experience in the actuarial valuation of pension and other worker benefit liabilities. Prior to joining LDI, Mark worked at Old Mutual Life Assurance Company developing models to value Old Mutual’s commitments towards warranties on unique investment products. Mark started his profession as an actuarial advisor at ARCH Actuarial Consulting where he proved helpful for 3 years.

Annuities, like every other investment, are fantastic in a few situations and horrible in others. But if you’re seeking guaranteed returns, fixed annuities are a beautiful thing. 100,000 will be safe in a fixed annuity. But like money market accounts, they’re boring as it pertains to the earnings pretty. One year I put a client who really didn’t want anything to do with the currency markets volatility, and because CDs were paying much nothing pretty, I came across him a five-year fixed annuity paying 3%. That’s making inflation barely, folks. But hey, at least it was a assured return.

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Another form of annuities that provide guarantees are fixed index annuities (FIA’s and also referred to as equity indexed annuities). These annuities are similar to set annuities in they provide principal protection. How they are different is how you make money distinctively. FIA’s use a combination of tracking various market indexes and interest caps to calculate your overall return. They can get really perplexing and trying to understand this is excatly why I don’t like them.

What I really do like about them is the “pension like” advantage that pays and income stream for the others of you as well as your spouse’s life. This contractual guarantee that the insurance provider offers can reduce the stress that is included with buying the currency markets. Annuities are also helpful when you can’t get life insurance or you want some long-term care benefits but don’t have the money to pay for it out of pocket. Understand that annuities have disadvantages and advantages.

Think through your options before signing up! If you speak to an insurance agent about trading, there’s a 99.9% chance they’ll ask you if you’d like to buy some sort of cash-value life insurance. This could be a whole life policy, universal life policy, or even an indexed universal life plan.