Astrology: The Transits of the Planets & the Transits of the Sun


Astrology: The Transits of the Planets & the Transits of the Sun

Astrology: The Transits of the Planets & the Transits of the Sun 1

Astrology has been around for centuries. It was developed alongside other sciences during the Hellenistic period. The texts fell out of favor with Christians and secular society after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century. It appeared at one point that ancient astrology would be confined to Greek attics. That was until recent discoveries have made it possible for ancient astrology to be revived once again. If you have almost any concerns with regards to wherever along with tips on how to work with birthday compatibility, you’ll be able to email us on the web site.


A natal chart is a chart showing the angles of the Solar System planets at birth. Synastry is the study of these maps in order to determine the personality of a person. It uses the positions of these planets within the zodiac. The most common types of horoscopes are the natal horoscopes and synastry horoscopes.


Astrologers can find information on Transits in almost all books. An astrologer must be aware of the Transits that are associated with a specific transit in order to make accurate predictions. Additionally, they should be aware of the important Transits that transits accompany in their chart for the period of time the searched transit occurs. Transits are essential in astrology. They must be analysed and calculated in tables.

Transits of the Planets

There are many aspects to the Transits of the Planets in Astrology. Transit results are determined by a planet’s sign (nakshatra). The transits of planets are determined by the condition and position of their natal planet. There are special types of Transits like eclipses which can be especially powerful when they occur with the natal and opposite planets. This is because an eclipse is difficult to predict, and its effects vary depending on the condition of the natal planet, its house placement, and aspects to other planets in the natal chart. simply click the following post Mundane Astrology books will describe simply click the following post Transits of the Planets and what happens during them.

Transits of the sun

The Transits of the Sun in Astrology have a significant effect on our daily lives. When the Sun is in a friendly aspect to Mars or Jupiter, we will be more inclined to engage in activities that require energy. A transiting Sun may also help to improve the relationships with our family and friends. It will drive us to do a lot of work at work when it is square to Saturn. However, we can’t resist having fun.

Transits of the Moon

Astrology: The Transits of the Planets & the Transits of the Sun 2

In the astrological chart, Moon’s aspect to various planets can affect your health and relationships. You will feel more confident if it is in conjunction to Mars. You may feel more excited to help others or lead projects. You will likely have happy and joyful romantic relationships if the Moon is at the conjunct Jupiter. But, this is not a good time to make friends.

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