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Bambi De La Cruz Makeup Artistry Blog

I first heard about Artistry when they were the official makeup sponsor of Philippine Fashion Week some seasons ago, so it’s a brandname that I’ve heard as well. It’s available via direct selling, and it’s a brand carried by Amway, which is known for the all-natural and organic supplements as well as home and personal treatment.

I acknowledge being quite wondering as well with the merchandise. I usually tell myself that although I’ve my own favorites, doing makeup for a full time income and writing about it for my interest should allow me to keep an open up mind about new products in the market. So when the invitation was got by me to go to the Artistry Experience Center, A yes received by me.

I just had a need to clear and double-check my plan since the week before, I had a task beforehand. I was first introduced to your skin care line, depending on skin type and consumer preference. The whitening line just evens out the skin tone of which makes it pasty white instead. The fairest one could go is just the colour on the inner arm. However, not to fret my dears, believe me, it’s better because it’s more natural that way and I like it more, because the effect you with just even complexion of course isstill.

With all of us being conscious about anti-ageing, Artistry comes with an anti-ageing line called Time Defiance also, which takes what to the cellular level, enabling the cells to communicate with each other better. I love the cleanser though, it didn’t feel tight and dry. It smelled really clean and fresh too, like springtime.

Anyhow, among the products I attempted, I’ll lay down you in my own favorites. They are the three that I really like and would highly recommend to makeup performers looking once and for all eye makeup or for skin care addicts as well. When you have any Artistry product you love, feel free to share.

This was one of the bestsellers, and I had been lucky enough to see this via tester since they currently don’t possess a stock of this. Normally, when you think of peeling, you think of organic and red epidermis and staying away from the sun. It appears like a serum, really. You apply this to the real face after cleaning. The directions call for four pumps however in my case, 1 pump had been okay.

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I’m supposed to leave it on for 8 minutes before washing it off. I didn’t feel a sting though, but I sensed my skin tightening up. Then, while i rinsed my epidermis and patted it dry, I felt like I positioned a silicone-based primer or serum on my face that leaves a velvety and powdery surface finish on my skin.

This costs around Php 4,000.00 and the bottle is good for 6 uses around. Use this product only twice a week. For men, it is recommended to use the merchandise at nighttime as shaving through the morning serves already as exfoliation during the day. By the way, don’t use this with other exfoliating products like scrubs or other peels.

I think Meeko got me raving concerning this a small number of times. I’m always in the lookout for excellent eyebrow makeup that doesn’t give the que horror kontrabida or linta eyebrows. I would recommend Dark Brown for everyday. Charcoal (a grey-black) could be harsh, save this for photoshoots or using this on the ends.