Benitez Stands By Decision To Let Mitrovic Go Of Visit Of Fukham Ahead


Benitez Stands By Decision To Let Mitrovic Go Of Visit Of Fukham Ahead

Newcastle employer Rafael Benitez will welcome Aleksandar Mitrovic back again to St James’ Park on Saturday insisting he does not regret selling him. The 24-year-old Serbia international still left Tyneside for Fulham in a offer which could eventually total £27million in August having contributed 12 goals to the club’s successful bid for advertising to the Premier League throughout a loan spell last season.

He has prospered back the top airline flight too with seven little league goals already under his belt, three fewer than the £14 just.5m signing managed in a single and a half Premier League seasons with the Magpies. You were informed by me so! Benitez However, who replaced Mitrovic with loan signing Salomon Rondon, is pleased with the business he did as he prepares for the Londoners’ trip to the north east this weekend. He said: ‘In life, but in football especially, it is important to understand the context of each situation.

We are discussing Mitrovic here and it’s true that the was sent off in a few games or he was prohibited for an elbow and things like that, however now he is successful. He had not been scoring as much goals even as we were expecting for all of us. Fine, but it doesn’t imply that he’s wii player and he can’t rating a great deal of goals for Fulham, and he’s doing that. He’s fine there. Is he happier because we are talking about London or whatever? But in any case, he’s successful, the team is playing for him and then he’s doing what everybody was anticipating from him, credit scoring goals and fighting for every ball. For us, it wasn’t the situation. He said: ‘Now he is fine and I wish him, believe me, all the best because I didn’t have any special problem, aside from making decisions in conditions of whether you play or not. I told you so!

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