Elegant Looks Permanent Makeup


Elegant Looks Permanent Makeup

Merry is an accomplished permanent makeup musician with a background that is tailor-made for success in her field. Merry knew that she was meant to be an artist from the time she was a little child. She always longed to make something that could “make a difference” in people’s lives. Merry’s experience allows her to comprehend the goals of litigant and create artistry that interprets and achieves those goals.

Merry has a B.S. Business Administration, but noticed early in her professional profession that she wished to work hands-on with people, so she transitioned into cosmetology, and earned her licenses as a Cosmetologist and Esthetician. She pursued her trained in permanent makeup at the suggestion of a plastic surgeon. Her 23 years of permanent makeup experience are improved by her commitment to continuing education. She looks for improvement in her techniques, styles, pigment use, camouflage skills, and more, by maintaining her industry knowledge through constant studying her craft. She always offers the most cutting edge services in the field.

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