Fake Decisions In Annulment Of Marriage Cases


Fake Decisions In Annulment Of Marriage Cases

In this case, Judge Indar released decisions on numerous annulment of marriage situations which do not exist in the information of RTC-Shariff Aguak, Branch 15 or the working office of the Clerk of Courtroom of the Regional Trial Courtroom, Cotabato City. The Court condemns Judge Indar’s reprehensible act of issuing Decisions that voided marital unions, without performing any judicial proceedings. Such malfeasance not only makes a mockery of relationship and its life-changing consequences but similarly grossly violates the basic norms of truth, justice, and credited process. Not only that, Judge Indar’s gross misconduct greatly undermines the people’s trust in the judiciary and betrays public trust and confidence in the courts. Judge Indar’s utter lack of moral fitness has no put in place the Judiciary.

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