Fitbit Study: Fitness Devices Accurately Track Sleep Stages –


Fitbit Study: Fitness Devices Accurately Track Sleep Stages –

Fitbit’s trackers may not supply the most accurate calorie counts, but a fresh study shows they’re on their A-game for a different metric when users are fast asleep. Wrist-worn devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches can determine sleep stages – from wake and light to deep and REM – “with an acceptable amount of accuracy” in healthy adult sleepers, according to a new research commissioned by Fitbit.

In the analysis, 60 adults 36 male and 24 female -, around the age of 34 (plus or minus 10 years) – were given three devices to wear throughout a traditional sleep stage study. From the best steppers to the best sleepers, you’re looking good, America! “Such a tool could be useful in simplifying sleep research and in increasing public knowledge of rest,” said Heneghan, who released the leads to SLEEP, the state academic journal of the Sleep Research Society. According to Fitbit, the study was obtained and independently confirmed by two authorized Polysomnographic (PSG) technicians, who used set up suggestions by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Get The Latest Sports Tech News WITHIN YOUR Inbox! Separately, Fitbit said it analyzed data from more than 4 billion nights of sleep phases across its treasure trove of user data and said its results supported long-standing sleep scientists’ ideas. Sleeping seven to eight hours a night is the very best because it offers the highest mixed percentage of amount of time in deep and REM rest stages. Waking up earlier than usual can impact the percentage of REM sleep a person gets because that stage tends to occur at the end of the night time, relating to Fitbit.

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Such exercise programs may take the form of period work, in which a bout of high-intensity exercise is combined with a episode of low-intensity. This sort of training of has been shown to elevate the bodys metabolism for 16 hours post-exercise. It also fosters the maintenance of lean muscle mass while stimulating the discharge of lipase – a good thing since preserving muscle and losing weight ought to be the goal.

Having said this, I’d also recommend implementing much longer duration low-intensity exercise as well for its above mentioned benefits on extra fat oxidation. However, ensure to keep the intensity in the 50-80% VO2potential range for best results! Essen et al. (1978). Glycogen depletion of different fibers types in individual skeletal muscle during intermittent and continuous exercise. Hultman et al. (1967). Physiological role of muscle glycogen in man with special mention of exercise. In Circulation Research XX and XXI, ed. C.B. Chapman, 1-99 and 1-114. New York: The American Heart Association. Karlsson, J. & Saltin, B. (1971). Diet, muscle glycogen and endurance performance.

Done right, with tools, tips and techniques, you will keep losing 1-2 pounds every week until reaching and maintaining your goal weight. The Mayo Clinic Diet is based on the Mayo Clinic Pyramid. The foundation of the pyramid is fruit and vegetables, which dieters are allowed unlimited amounts of. Every day The least recommended amounts are 3 servings of fruit and 4 portions of vegetables. That is without fattening preparation techniques like oils or sauces, and there are some fruits which are considered too sugary for regular intake. Per day of healthy carbs such as wholegrains or brown rice The pyramid recommends between 4-8 portions.

On the diet, you shall stay away from white flour and refined sugars, which are found in many processed snacks and white loaf of bread. Each day Protein and dairy are recommended in servings of between 3-7. Liver organ, nuts, beans, soy and cheeses are all big parts of the menu. Healthy fats are also important, from avocado and fatty fish, to olive oil and nuts. Sweets and other treats are limited to 75 calories each day, allowing you to fill your sweet tooth craving without giving into bad habits.

The Mayo Clinic Diet’s website has test menus to look over before registering, featuring a huge selection of food options that stick to the pyramid and it’s proven track record. There are dozens of features on the mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Serving Tracker: Go through the daily dashboard which tracks the nutrition and meal of each meal. Log physical activity to help create a daily calorie intake.