He Doesn’t Even Chew!


He Doesn’t Even Chew!

And for the first three months I love my sassy new locks. It’s an adventure of shopping for various hair goops no regular cleaning! But I get weary; don’t want to get a re-cut, and accept that I don’t know very well what regarding “fibre wax”. For another year or so and then the cycle starts again Usually I just ignore it. But this time around I needed my grown out pixie cut “cleaned up” due to my ongoing seek out unemployment.

The girl provided me something called a “fractured bob” or something else that sounds like my hair should have a handicap placard. This new cut seems to require blowdrying. If I don’t it rests on my head such as a betrayed puppy dog then. But if I use a dryer it goes berserk, also such as a puppy but this time around it’s being attacked by a blowdryer. I don’t know how to use the damned things so I finish up with a puffball.

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Luckily, easily clean my locks and then ignore it for a while, the puff eventually settles down for a nap and appears okay. So now all I have to do is ignore it again, but this time I’ll get a trim when Dave informs me that things are looking much too bad to go out.

He usually lets me know when I’m not fit for public consumption and, usually, I pay attention to him. Do I have makeup smeared on half my face from when I took a nap? Am I dressed such as a cross between a crazy Asian granny and a clown? Unless I’m really comfortable and I don’t think where we’re going warrants work (I’m looking at you, Wal-Mart and Target!) in which particular case his words fall on deaf ears.

We got the cat treats because I had been starting to be concerned about Bossy-Cat’s teeth. Not for any real reason, just dawned on me he had teeth plus they should be looked after. Bossy is also fairly picky therefore i wasn’t everything sure he’d even be interested in the goodies but I knew that the retarded Fatty cat would eat anything that Bossy didn’t. Bossy enjoys the goodies.

I give him a few and he’ll scream at me for a quarter-hour to provide him more. He’s persuaded my fingertips magically dispense the goodies and huffs them noisily. I’ve concealed the treat handbag because he’s needs to equate rustling as an indication that my fingertips will begin dispensing treats.

He doesn’t even chew up! Swallows them like the delicious choking dangers they are Just! At most we’ve seen three chomps before the gulp but I swear half the things are just swallowed like benzos. Which I think defeats the goal of feeding him tooth cleaning cat goodies. Unless they’re like those foaming drain cleaners, brought about by kitty gastric acid, filling up him with oral cleaning foam. But since he hasn’t appeared rabid recently I’ll assume that’s not the case. He’s so noisy and obnoxious afterwards which i almost don’t want to provide him any more but then feel guilty about his old bossy teeth.

He yells and grumps, following me throughout the house till he provides up. That’s when he melodramatically falls onto his side with a great sigh as though all the joy in life has died. Now every time I go to the kitchen he pokes his mind expectantly around the corner and I swear his meow appears like “whatchadoin?” Once he sees I’m only washing dishes he sighs and goes away. I’m almost afraid to try and eat chips around him.

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