IF YOU Have Multiple Sites


IF YOU Have Multiple Sites

Yahoo Bing network, the perfect adsense alternate is a mixed search advertising marketplace composed of Yahoo! Bing, and partner sites. And the whole inventory of advertisements out of this market is brought to publisher websites via Media.net’s ad offering platform. In simple words, it is comparable to Google adsense and it is a contextual ad program exactly.

That means the advertisements are shown by scanning this content of the web page and selecting the most paying relevant ads. 1. Targeted advertisements – All ads are displayed and contextual based on the page content just like adsense. 2. Customer support – That is something Google’s adsense nearly does not have.

Only the best players reach reach anybody in adsense or get personalized ads. But with Yahoo Bing network, each publisher gets a person contact person you can mail to for any queries or help. When you have any specific posts on your blog with high traffic then you can list out those keywords as keywords hints to your representative and they will target those keywords to increase the CTR. 3. Ad formatting – You can customize the ad color and fonts to aptly match your website. The variety of advertisement sizes is actually much more than Google.

All the normal sizes like 300×250(small rectangle), 336×280(big rectangle), 160×600 (leather panel) can be found. You can here preview all advertisement sizes. 4. Earnings – Most Yahoo Bing ads are CPM (cost per thousand impressions) structured ads. 2 which is similar to adsense almost. Although the exact share percentage of revenue is not disclosed by Yahoo, it is much similar to adsense if not a bit more from experience.

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  • Run the Keyboard troubleshooter
  • Click Set As Default, as shown in Figure F
  • Amazon Ad Sizes: How to Create Your Marketing Plan Accordingly (20/month)
  • Make use of online with no downloading any other documents
  • Don’t make an effort to do too much, too soon
  • You can search Google for the latest list of ping services
  • Do you have graphics already created for the site

5. Payout Methods – You can choose for just one of two payment methods – cable and Paypal transfer. That mean’s unlike adsense, you don’t need to wait for the courier boy to bring your check. 6. No ad restrictions – You can place as many Yahoo Bing advertisements on a full page as you prefer. You can also add Yahoo Bing ads along side other providers like adsense without violating any T&C’s.

Since the network is Yahoo/Bing, the advertisements doesn’t result your page loading rates of speed as well. 7. Domain limitations – Unlike adsense, you can only just add Yahoo Bing ads to approved domains. If you trying adding the advertisements to other domains, they simply won’t show up. If you have multiple sites, apply for all of them at exactly the same time. Although no hard and fast rules or numbers are stated, if your site has quality content, you’ll get accepted even if your site is small surely.