Living Fully In Midlife And Beyond


Living Fully In Midlife And Beyond

When I called my pal Chuck, a occupied and successful doctor, this month to wish him a happy 69th birthday earlier, his voice was filled with exhaustion and stress. I had been told by him that while he could hang onto his medical license, he had no purpose to do any work — — after his pension this coming July ever.

I recognized the exhaustion, the longing for leisure. But, from the vantage point of four years into pension, living the total immersion experience in an active adult — retired — community mainly, I choked a cautionary response back. Pension might be a surprise because of this hard-working — and much feted — professional.

He may have a problem with identity after the accolades cease and the role he has played to get more than 40 years is before. Maybe his love of travel — and his means to do all the journeying he could think about — will be sustaining. Maybe the blissful luxury of being, just living quietly, in his lovely home with his partner of 35 years is a fantasy come true.

We each build our own retirement lifestyle. For a few it is, a wish become a reality indeed. For others, it is a miasma of boredom, conflict and loss. What can make the difference? A realistic pre-retirement wish list. Have a close and hard take a look at your financial situation and what is possible before you retire.

If considerable travel is away from means, with day outings closer to home is it possible to be happy? Or relocating to an area that feels as though you’re on vacation? If you wish to maintain a lifestyle which may be difficult with retirement income, would it be worth it for you to work some years longer to build your retirement cost savings?

In addition to dollars and cents, consider genetics, your wellbeing and the march of amount of time in this blend. How is your health now? How have your loved ones elders fared in their old age? Will postponing your pension and travels preclude certain adventures that point and ageing could make impossible? Some travels might need to be vacations now, not later. Weigh the possibilities. What is it possible to live without — and what is critical to your pension happiness? And what hobbies and interests are on your list to go after once retired?

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If that list is non-existent or very brief, think again. In my own observations of many retired persons here, the ones who have a tendency to struggle the most post-retirement are those who didn’t have an idea once work ceased. Too many spend limitless hours looking at a television display screen and wondering how to proceed with themselves.

Another factor for retirement options: the growing and changing of your family. A compromise in lifestyle choices. It’s definitely not uncommon for a lot of post-retirement restlessness and disappointment to come consequently of spouses disagreeing on lifestyle. One partner may choose to proceed to a warmer location while the other prefers to stay put near relatives and buddies.