Mineral Makeup “Fillers”. Debunking The Myth!


Mineral Makeup “Fillers”. Debunking The Myth!

As I peruse the internet or watch tv I am inundated with claims about mineral makeup fillers and exactly how they don’t really belong in “true mineral makeup”. I think it is utterly amazing at the postulation from resellers of minerals, advertisers for the top box companies and those that use minerals, inform us how products formulated with aesthetic fillers is in some way “bad”. Like a mineral makeup products formulator I am compelled to wade through sales buzz and exaggerated promises in order to arranged the record straight for most women who write if you ask me.

In their words if you ask me they express stress and are sense very confused concerning this subject since they are having difficulty with the so-called “all nutrients – mineral makeup” and can’t realize why. I will provide impartial answers to those that use other minerals or skincare products stating how much they love what they currently use, but are actually worried the merchandise they are using could cause them problems later on.

The phrase “filler” is a sales technique and is utilized by aesthetic experts and competition to strike products they either don’t approve of or are in immediate competition with. The term “filler ingredient” appears to imply that a aesthetic company includes certain elements within a formulation that aren’t necessary or don’t create an objective for making a product perform better. “Filler” by description is any inert component used to create bulk, lubricity or consistency to a completed product. Every filler ingredient inside our minerals or skincare line serves an objective. No sense is manufactured by it to us to utilize an ingredient that can cause harm, irritation or any other problems for the user or the product overall.

For Example: You can find far better suited filler ingredients to displace certain known irritants such as (Bismuth Oxychloride or Mica) and still be an exceptional mineral makeup. It really is about the delivery of essential Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide (main minerals) to the facial skin when combined with one or more of these substances. First two most commonly found in mineral makeup; Bismuth Oxychloride, Mica (Sericite), (treated or untreated). Less found commonly; Rice Powder, Silk Powder, Silk Protein, Boron Nitride, Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Starch, Silica Spheres, Methicone, Dimethicone, Silicone, Cornstarch, Kaolin and Talc Clay, and then name a few.

Out of the filler ingredients we’ve chosen the best and avoided the rest. They aid in adhesion and ease of software similar to Bismuth and treated Mica, however the ones we’ve chosen provide additional healing benefit actually. And with a few of these ingredients their expense is considerable as in the case of Boron Nitride. This highly superior ingredient for giving a mineral cosmetic incredible performance is extremely expensive to produce and purchase from suppliers. All mineral makeup has some sort of filler ingredient in it so do not let advertising promises to encourage you in any other case.

According to professionals and suppliers in the cosmetic industry, Mica and Bismuth are categorized as filler substances since their primary function is to generate mass, consistency and lubricity to the mineral makeup. Without additional filler ingredients the makeup wouldn’t normally have slip and the fundamental minerals Titanium and Zinc (active ingredients) and pigments of Iron Oxides and Ultramarines would adhere to your skin causing unevenness in shading and much irritation. Plus colorants combined with two essential nutrients will achieve a smooth texture making them difficult to use never. In mention of my earlier statement, even titanium and zinc are believed filler ingredients since they are also utilized as colorants to make a desired appearance to the merchandise.

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Just because Bismuth Oxychloride and Mica are classified as minerals in advertisements, they are still a filler component added to the product and then provide ease of use and to allow the minerals to mix onto your skin. They actually don’t provide any other healing purpose and generally cause distress in many. But to insinuate these are exempt from “filler” position because the business simply selects to for purposes of sales hype is not only ludicrous, but is a misrepresentation of the reality. One major reason is Bismuth Oxychloride is established out of a chemical process and it is a bi-product of lead and copper refining making it a filler ingredient like all others.

Prior to its transformation of the safer non-toxic form, bismuth starts as an impurity related to antimony and arsenic. It isn’t a nutrient out of the earth as marketing strategies try to imply directly. Unfortunately, through all the bunk being spewed out in internet land, women think other things put into mineral makeup will cause other problems or won’t do much for his or her skin. Other basic formulas offered, though are considered safe for some skin types, prevent women with different pores and skin types or a misdirected understanding credited to inaccurate information, to take pleasure from the advantages of wearing mineral makeup products.

Many filler substances are essential for improvement of a product and to improve overall performance, whereby giving the wearer a better experience. My nutrient makeup products are a prime example: Personally, i cannot wear a mica based product or use anything with bismuth oxychloride in it. My face would go ballistic especially after I perspired.

This is why my formulations do not contain this component and mica is minimally used as reflected in its’ location on our ingredient list, and is surface treated with silky textured methicone also. Oryza Sativa (Rice) powder can be used to slice the minerals for bulk, texture and slip yet offers a healing benefit and really helps to control moisture on the skin.