My Angry Cancer


My Angry Cancer

Today marks my three 12 months Cancerversary. On this day, I try to make it a point to pause and reflect on how my life has changed. And celebrate my diagnosis as a turning indicate living the dream. I know that I haven’t been blogging much. I know that I should go back and surface finish all of them really, since this is mostly a method for me to keep in mind everything that I am through.

Lord knows I will not really keep in mind anything on my own (thanks, chemo brain! You will be the gift that retains on providing). Hawaii. And moved on a moment’s notice. All by myself, since nobody else in the family could and leave with two days prep up. (But never fear, they’ll be following me this season). It’s been interesting to be the family trailblazer.

There are so many content I could write about this experience. Maybe which will be my new blog. But I am going to say that one of the things that I’m discovering is that having to find a new oncologist/cancer middle (for follow-ups/labs/scans) was something I didn’t give almost enough thought to. I’m already not the biggest fan of healthcare here. Again, a post for a later date. Oh, there is that skin cancer that was found (on my face) in May and surgery that was needed to take it off.

27 stitches later or something crazy like this. See why about all these improvements I submitted never? Teenage boy graduated on time in June. Which I’m monumentally pleased with. Depression is a constant struggle, but he’s managed to get through this major milestone. Season of middle college Teenage little girl is enjoying her last. She made Relay for Life her party. It was an unbelievable experience, for all of us.

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We plan on making that happen each year! She’s a teenage young lady, what else do you anticipate. We’re selling the home that Keith built for all of us all those years ago when the lady child was a baby. I haven’t wanted to live there since I completed treatments. It was the house I had been unwell in, and I simply couldn’t live there any longer.

We made a decision to live small and follow our new dreams. Or rather, follow the dreams we’ve always had and then placed on keep when “life” got in the way. We thought downsizing was going to be considered a process that took a year or two. Ha, ha, ha. Best laid programs and all that. How will I be celebrating the day?