Newbie VIA Wix


Newbie VIA Wix

Most hosting companies have a one click wordpress install which creates the data source (Mysql) for you. PHP is the vocabulary wordpress is established in and it shall definitely help when you can understand it, however for the needs you have that is not really needed. Yes, there are a lot of instruction videos on youtube on how to create a website on wordpress.

And there are a large number of plugins (free and paid) that you can use to design the site. Elementor is a free of charge page builder which you can use to design your site easily and there are addons for it that you can use to create your site even more. PublicEstimate3 said about wix available for you Scratch that, I don’t trust any company that hides pricing plans to be able to make you upgrade. 29 a month, that’s ridiculous and I don’t recommend it.

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Soon she doesn’t have the money to pay the editors any longer. Or the writer royalties. Or the web site host. She documents bankruptcy. Unfortunately, because the publishing company was a d/b/a, it’s a Chapter 7 bankruptcy–of a person, not a company. Author contracts become personal assets that the Bankruptcy Trustee seizes to pay debts.

The royalties aren’t secured debt, and the editor incomes aren’t secured debts–but the mortgage loans are. The bank cards are. The gear leases are. So everybody loses everything. The ongoing company closes. Authors don’t have their books back (because the bankruptcy trustee forbids the reversion of rights) and the editors never get paid.

2 – The publisher starts the business enterprise and hires author-friends to be editors (rather than making them co-owners.) But the publisher doesn’t have written contracts with the editors informing them what their responsibilities are. The publisher seems the editors ought to know that this is standard business practice with any publisher (which it is, incidentally) and presumes that the editors are doing their careers.

The editors leave en masse, deserting the ongoing company and the writers. 3 – The Publisher assigns a book to a co-owner editor where in fact the author is a pain to deal with. The writer and editor argue constantly about editorial recommendations and the author wants to spend HOURS on the telephone with the editor, therefore the editor can inform them just what a wonderful job they do.