Nursing Intervention For Osteoporosis


Nursing Intervention For Osteoporosis

Nursing Intervention for Osteoporosis – Every individual need information/solutions. And ideally the article Nursing Intervention for Osteoporosis This could help you/give solution for you. 1. Client will experience increased comfort and reduced pain. 2. Client shall express positive feelings about himself. 3. Client shall perform activities of everyday living within normal limits. 4. Client will maintain sufficient food intake.

5. Customer will maintain joint range and mobility of motion. 6. Customer shall show integrity intact epidermis. 7. Client shall show the steps to prevent damage. 1. Explain all treatments, lab tests, and procedures. For example, if the patient underwent surgery, explain all techniques and preoperative and postoperative care for patients and their own families. 2. Make sure the client and his family clearly understand the recommended drug regimen.

Tell them how to recognize a significant effects. Instruct them to immediately survey it. 3. Stressed the need for regular gynecological examinations. Also instructed him to report unusual vaginal bleeding immediately, to detect the hormone estrogen. 4. If clients take supplements, encouraging liberal liquid intake to help maintain sufficient urine output and therefore avoid kidney rocks, hypercalcemia, and hypercalciuria. 5. Tell your client to record the immediate pain, especially after trauma.

6. Explain kliien and osteoporosis in the family so that they can respond to prevent fractures. 7. Instruct patient to consume foods rich in calcium mineral. Explain that the type II osteoporosis can be prevented with adequate calcium intake and regular physical exercise. Hormonal and fluoride treatments can help prevent osteoporosis also. 8. Strengthen the patient’s initiatives to adapt, and shows how his condition has stabilized or improved. Necessary, refer to an occupational health or therapist care professionals to assist with daily activities at home.

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