PNWC’s Government Contracting Update


PNWC’s Government Contracting Update

Ethics rules generally forbid Government employees from agreeing to presents from “prohibited resources.” If you’re working as a service provider employee for a specific agency, you are considered to be always a “prohibited source” of gifts to the employees of that agency. There are several exceptions to this general prohibition. year 50 per calendar.

A contractor and the contractor employees are considered the same source. Government employees might not use the gift exceptions to accept gifts from the same (or even different sources) so frequently a fair person would believe they are employing their public office for private gain. Another exception allows Government employees to accept a present from a pal (or comparative) if it is clear from the circumstances that it was your camaraderie, rather than the employee’s formal position, that motivated the present.

Sometimes friendships develop between Government employees and service provider employees who work together. Where in fact the companionship developed on the job, a present rarely is justified. This is especially true if the federal government employee is in a position to oversee your work or otherwise take part in decisions affecting the interests of your employer.

In order to determine whether a gift of travel or transport may be accepted, an agency must first determine if the Government employee transportation is duty-related or for the employee’s personal advantage. If the transportation is perfect for the employee’s personal benefit (e.g., the price of a cab to a baseball game), then it is a personal gift covered by the ethics rules.

In this case the gift of travel would need to fit under one of the present exceptions for the worker to simply accept it. However, if the transport is provided regarding the the performance of the employee’s standard duties, it could not certainly be a gift to the individual, but a gift provided to the agency rather. However, not all Government agencies accept gifts, so this might or might not be acceptable.

A Government employee should receive authorization from the employee’s agency before accepting a present of travel from a company contractor. While Government employees can’t obtain presents from “prohibited resources” such as companies, the definition of present excludes “modest” refreshments (such as carbonated drinks, doughnuts and coffee, so long as they are not part of meals). However, most vacation parties aren’t confined to such items. So, free attendance at a contractor party would be permitted only under an suitable gift exclusion. 20. Another exclusion might allow a worker to wait if the employee’s agency authorizes the employee’s attendance as being in the agency’s interest.

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