Protect Your Warehouse with Pallet Rack Protectors


Protect Your Warehouse with Pallet Rack Protectors

A simple, yet effective way to protect your pallet racks is to invest in a protective guard rail. Guard rails can be used along simply click the up coming webpage rack, or at the ends of rows. They are brightly colored to be easily seen by forklift drivers. To help them navigate around pallet racks, guide rails are placed along the floor edge of pallet racks. This prevents forklifts from damaging racks. For those who have any kind of concerns concerning where and how you can use pallet rack post protectors, it is possible to call us on our own web site.

Warehouse managers must keep their costs low and maximize productivity. Damaged pallet racks can dramatically reduce productivity. Racks that are damaged can pose serious hazards to workers. OSHA requires a safe warehouse environment, and rack protection is an essential part of that. Managers don’t want to have to deal with multiple lawsuits filed by injured workers. OSHA may also penalize them for not following these rules.

Protect-it columns guards are another option to protect pallet racks. These column guards protect columns and uprights from damage and have an innovative design that absorbs impact to disperse force away. Replacing damaged uprights can be a tedious process that involves loading the racks, disassembling them and shipping them. This can lead to significant costs for your business. Instead, invest in a protector for your pallet racks and ensure your investment pays off.

Heavy-duty rack protectors are an excellent option for warehouses that need to protect their racks from direct impact damage. These rack protectors are made from durable, sturdy steel and come in many configurations. They provide floor-level protection and allow traffic to move freely through the aisles. Heavy-duty rack protectors are more durable and have a longer service life. Rack protectors that are low-profile can help you save space and not compromise safety.

Another solution is end aisle protection. End aisle protectors prevent pallet rack rows’ ends from colliding. These protectors prevent collisions between workers, racks, and can even cause rack damage. A pallet rack system can be damaged by collisions, and it can also collapse, leading to serious injuries and inventory damage. Pallet rack protectors are a great way to protect your warehouse from damage and minimize downtime. The benefits of installing them will outweigh the costs and time spent on repairs.

The primary source of impact on pallet rack systems is forklifts. The structure is extremely important and can be damaged if a forklift strikes a pallet rack. Even if only a portion of the rack was struck, the impact could cause it to collapse. Repeated impacts can also damage or injure workers. Protective pallet rack covers will minimize the chances of the rack coming into contact with the forklift.

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