“Safe” Chemicals Used In Makeup & Skincare Doubles Cancer Risk


“Safe” Chemicals Used In Makeup & Skincare Doubles Cancer Risk

Banging The “Chemicals Cause Cancer” Drum Is So Tired! Well I had formed hoped to not be broaching this subject matter again yet. However there was an article that I took exception to the month that was compiled by a gal in the UK for the Epoch Times. My particular concern is through her attempted proclamations of reality there was not a single link to support her objective. I have shared within my articles through direct text message links to the many studies displaying the inaccuracies while always countering with peer examined studies in which a consensus is formed as to the truth of any research that is conducted.

In the interest of keeping this simple, and I do apologize, but since the details are very mixed up in research, direct links to what I share are provided for even more reading by yourself. But bear with me as I construct some facts. In the authors original article it was titled ‘Safe’ Household Chemicals Combine To Double Cancer Risk.

When you once clicked with this piece the primary photo that was showing a factory environment originally dealt with directly what she is trying to mention in conditions of industry as a whole whether it be environment or household products. Then she published another article only a week later from the last published date of the link above, yet it seems she has combined both items now. So we’ve removed the second link for comparison.

However, though the title and article have been regurgitated entirely, you’ll notice how she chooses to gear this piece with an image representing makeup, skincare and personal maintenance systems! I treat this as the most severe form of overstating the actual research being performed in this specific study she is pointing to.

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There is completely nothing that correlates to personal maintenance systems! This is actually the synopsis provided straight from the University. Click and scroll completely to the bottom Here. Fact: The researchers at Texas Tech University are studying two chemicals Arsenic and chemicals that can mimic estrogen like BPA, that are adopted in our environment, accompanied by us then exposure through ingestion or breathing them in. Fact: There is absolutely no research in this study involving women or the utilization of personal maintenance systems, makeup or other. The study revolves entirely around prostate cancer risk when exposed to these two chemicals.

Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of chronic exposure to inorganic arsenic such as what’s found in pesticides, and estrogen, both and in combination alone. Areas of study were smoking, coal mining, coal burning, and water. Fact: All studies were performed on mice and in vitro using human prostate epithelial cells (RWPE-1) that were purchased from ATCC and propagated in keratinocyte serum free medium supplemented with human being epithelial development factor and bovine pituitary draw out.

Fact: As always the studies showed that in most cases the increased results in cells were dose reliant displaying some significance, yet countered with certain types of genes examined were insignificant. This continued through their different testing to determine which factors show the most significance as it relates to the increase in prostate cancer cells.

Never arriving at absolutes at this time! In order that is the analysis in a nutshell and I did so read the entire abstract until my eyes went crossed and my brain melted. You are welcome to HERE view it, whatever suits your fancy. Although it might be an interesting beginning to learning more, this research has yet to be peer evaluated by their own admission and it is a NOVEL research just touching the tip of this monstrous iceberg, we call scientific research.

It hardly calls for the security alarm to be sounded by those that wish to take this further than the truth founded in research. Plus the mention of well water in the Epoch Times article is also of concern, yet the majority of people except for certain countries listed, are drinking either their bottled waters or treated drinking water provided by their particular city.