Small Business Trends


Small Business Trends

The pattern of bricks-and-mortar stores doing a better job of earning repeat business than trusted online retailers continues, and existing customer-loyalty programs have a relatively small impact. A survey of 5,000 consumers conducted by Forrester Research reinforced these trends and the more obvious ones that product quality and price were the most important factors in identifying customer loyalty. Product quality was positioned either important or vitally important by 81% of the respondents, and 79% said the same about price.

In fact, 40% said price was the one most important commitment factor, while only 22% gave commitment programs credit for coming back these to a retailer. An even smaller quantity cited a dealer knowing who they were as an important impact on loyalty. The craze of consumer reliance on price as a determiner of loyalty is seen in the actual fact that Costco and Sam’s Club were two of the very best three ranking retailers. To be sure, there are other factors influencing the high position of these account discount night clubs.

But what they promise above all else is good deal and high quality. Large multi-product online retailers have a harder time regularly pleasing consumers on the two key issues of price and quality. The sheer breadth and quantity of their offerings can work against them, which makes it hard to deliver the cheapest prices and finest quality for almost all their many products.

Online suppliers also experienced from a negative customer loyalty craze not observed in the bricks-and-mortar environment. Consumers who have a poor experience with an online retailer are less likely to buy through other online stations. Bricks-and-mortar stores stand independently. A bad experience at Wal-Mart is improbable to make a consumer shy from Target.

The real information here is the poor performance of existing customer-loyalty programs in the retail environment. The true danger is that smaller businesses, reading how low the come back has been for larger retailers who have committed to expensive customer loyalty programs, may toss the baby out with the shower water. 249 Forrester report tells us is that there is no replacement for low price and high quality, not that customer-loyality programs won’t work. I stay confident that good customer loyalty programs will work and work especially well for smaller businesses. However, customer-loyalty programs come after you have delivered the best price-quality equation for your business. Savvy suppliers will get those two big factors under control and then use customer-loyalty programs.

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Why would Dorsey and his panel have suddenly less judgment whenever choosing Ms. Ahuja? This isn’t logic. Why would people who made a great decision make a negative decision? Because it’s impossible to know, ultimately, how anyone will perform. Every day Sports teams sign great players then terrible ones.

Why would FC Barcelona pay 130M for Philip Coutinho who was awful to them after coming from Liverpool when before that Luis Saurez came from Liverpool and was fantastic? As the future is unknowable. She was created in america to Asian Indian immigrant parents who were small business owners. I suspect that having grown up in a family running a small business, would help her more than anyone else to understand the needs of small business owners and the issues they face.

She too has been unfairly criticized; it included her visual appearance. I put stupidly raised that Dorsey was smitten with her good looks maybe. I admit on that – my bad. That was dumb speculation. But here is yet another story from the bloke who doesn’t factor stories into his investment theses.

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