Small Business Trends


Small Business Trends

Perquest Inc. lately launched a fresh payroll control system designed specifically (yes, really!) for small business. Unlike large-company applications which have been repackaged to look downmarket, Perquest was built from the ground up for small businesses with up to 250 employees. And therein is situated the beauty of it. Perquest fast is. Easy to use.

Cost effective. In lots of ways, goofproof. Exactly the type of solution that small businesses need and want. For small business owners, payroll can find yourself being a headache. Many small businesses choose to perform their own payroll in-house. But that can lead to costly errors. According to the IRS, 4 out of 10 small businesses are fined for violations of payroll rules.

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Some small business owners choose to outsource to one of the large traditional payroll companies, bringing headaches of a different kind. Going with a sizable payroll processor can mean being forced to match into complex, rigid procedures designed for larger businesses. Not forgetting being expensive. 1. Simple and Fast. Perquest is a Web-based, hosted (ASP) solution. That means there is no software to set up, no lengthy and costly integration tasks in order to get started.

The business owner doesn’t need to worry about servers to perform the program and associated directories, systems maintenance, or upgrading taxes rates — all that is taken care of. The displays use ordinary business terminology, not geek-speak, and the majority are intuitive highly. With Perquest you can begin within an full hour, which is excellent for a crucial business process like payroll.

Running each payroll can take less than 5 minutes. To guage for yourself, take the full-functionality online demo. 2. Full-featured. Perquest offers full payroll processing end-to-end. Perquest grips salaried, hourly and commissioned payments, as well as one-time payments like bonuses. It deals with cafeteria plans, 401(k) and other benefit deductions. 3. A remedy that is self-serve completely, 24/7. With Perquest small businesses can do everything online — each time and anytime.

For instance, there is no need to phone the payroll service during regular business hours or fax any documents. 4. Price points that small business can afford. Most small businesses do not identify that there is a price to handling payroll in-house. Because they aren’t writing a check to a payroll service doesn’t mean it is no cost.

They underestimate how long it requires to process payroll manually. Worse, they don’t really realize how frequently errors can be made, resulting in costly tax fines and unproductive correction time. These kinds of costs are hard to quantify, but no less real. See Perquest prices online. 5. Accurate and Secure. A payroll service must be accurate all the time.