Study Examines Parental Behaviors That Create Anxious Children


Study Examines Parental Behaviors That Create Anxious Children

Authors of the federally funded study say past research has connected parental nervousness to anxiety in children, but it continued to be unclear whether people with certain anxiousness disorders engaged more regularly in anxiety-provoking habits. Predicated on the new research findings, they do. A report on the team’s results appears online before printing in the journal Child Psychiatry and Human Development. Specifically, the Johns Hopkins experts identified a subset of actions in parents with social nervousness disorder-the most common kind of anxiety-and in doing so clarified a few of the misunderstandings that has shrouded the trickle-down nervousness often seen in parent-child pairs.

These actions included a lack of or insufficient heat and love and high degrees of criticism and doubt leveled at the child. Such habits, the researchers say, are popular to increase panic in children and-if involved in chronically-can make it more likely for children to develop a full-blown anxiety disorder of their own, the investigators say.

Golda Ginsburg, Ph.D., a kid stress expert at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Using a scale of just one 1 to 5, the analysts scored parental heat and affection toward the young child, criticism of the youngster, expression of uncertainties in regards to a child’s performance and ability to complete the duty, granting of autonomy and parental over-control.

Parents identified as having social anxiety demonstrated less heat and love toward their children, criticized them more and more often expressed doubts about a child’s ability to execute the task. There were no significant distinctions between parents on controlling and autonomy-granting behavior. Prevention of childhood anxiety is critical because anxiety disorders affect one in five U.S. Delays in treatment and medical diagnosis can result in unhappiness, substance abuse and poor academic performance throughout years as a child and well into adulthood.

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