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Tai Chi :

I was just lately reintroduced to your body Ecology Diet, via Acres, USA mag, a radical health and agriculture newspaper. Basically, it’s a terrific way to make contact with the fundamentals and unhook yourself from sweets and grains and sugar and begin to radically heal, as well as lose weight.

Eat lots and lots of non-starchy, non-sugary vegetables ( leaving out potatoes, cooked corn, yams and lovely potatoes and beets). This is all for awhile. If you eat grains, only eat millet, quinoa, buckwheat or amaranth. No fruits until symptoms clear up. Except lemons, limes, unsweetened cranberries and one other thing.

This is the hardest for me, and remarkably, you (I) just start eating more greens. No sweeteners except stevia. No sugars, nor honey, nor maple syrup, nor anything along those comparative lines. If you eat anything, eat organic if you can. Food combine: vegetables with meat and protein, or vegetables with the four allowed grains, however, not grains with the meats or protein.

  1. Vegetables provide most vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients
  2. You perfrom the exercise you chose everyday…adding 8 ounces
  3. Australia Centre for Asthma Monitoring 2011. Asthma in Australia 2011. AIHW Series no.4. Cat
  4. ROSE methods
  5. Client Retention Rate (28%)
  6. Client Testimonials, Reviews and References

Seeds, soaked, and almond seed, soaked, are great sources of protein, as are eggs. No dairy except kefir, and it a bit into the cleanse and healing. It sounds strict, and yeah, yeah, it’s the cave woman or cave man diet, basically, minus fruits. It won’t kill you. It’s a great break from habit, and it might save a long time on your life. Waking up to now. Loving to go, improve and change.

This story exemplifies the importance of mental fitness for a armed service officer. Mental fitness is obviously as important as physical fitness, and, in some cases, for senior officers especially, mental fitness is more important than physical fitness. Do we regard mental fitness to be as important as physical fitness in our armed forces (army navy and air power)?

In the beginning (during recruitment): Yes. For Officers, both Physical and Mental Fitness are examined. In India, the selection process for an officer in the military (army, navy and air force) includes assessment of both physical fitness and mental fitness. Physical fitness is tested at the assistance Selection Board (SSB) accompanied by an intensive medical exam at the Military Hospital (MH).

Mental fitness is analyzed by various mental tests, group interviews and tasks at the SSB. Thus, both physical and mental fitness are confirmed before selection. Thereafter, physical fitness is evaluated and confirmed each year by an Annual Medical Examination (AME) and Physical Evaluation Test (PET). If an officer does not meet up with the specified specifications, the officer’s medical category is downgraded and his profession is adversely affected as the official is known as unfit for combat duties. Physical fitness is not taken for granted. This is because it is felt that physical fitness of an individual can change over the years depending on one’s health insurance and the attention one pays to keeping oneself.

However, mental fitness is never evaluated during your entire military career after you have been commissioned as an official. Mental fitness is overlooked. It is assumed that mental fitness will not change and there is no need to “examine” and verify an officer’s mental fitness each year. However, like physical fitness can change as time passes, similarly, mental fitness can also change over the years depending on life experiences.

Physical toughness and mental robustness are two different qualities. Physical toughness will not ensure mental robustness. Yes, it may not always be true that all physically tough people will necessarily be mentally robust as well. In the army, physical toughness might become more important for junior officers, but also for senior leadership it is mental robustness that counts. In his reserve “The Unfought War of 1962” the writer JR Saigal cites the exemplory case of his Brigade Commander who was simply physically tough but psychologically weak-willed.