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My life began with gastroparesis in 2008. I visited my GI Dr. because I was having a whole great deal of nausea and feeling full when i ate. At that time I was 265 pounds, a food addict that thought my eating disorder was a secret. My Dr. ordered an endoscopy and, I believe on the whim for him, ordered a gastric emptying test.

When I went back to get the results from my checks he explained that I got gastroparesis quite bad. He previously this puzzled look on his face when informing me this too, speculate he didn’t think big girls could have gastroparesis. And for me personally, I needed never heard about gastroparesis even. So, he gave me a prescription for Reglan and told me to eat 6 small meals a day.

Reglan and I did so not make friends, so that lasted about 2 days. So let’s neglect ahead to around November 2010. Gastroparesis that seem to place dormant for a bit woke up with a vengeance. Nausea and Pain was increasing. Trouble possessing a BM. But mostly pain. So, I called up my GI and told him that which was taking place.

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He experienced me take 4 independent doses of Miralax and find out if that helped by the end of your day. Not only did I not create a BM but I used to be getting worse. Night time he established me up for an endoscopy that following day That, he feared a blockage was experienced by me.

Endoscopy was normal. He viewed me even more puzzled when I ask him could it be the gastroparesis? He just felt that it couldn’t be that. He really was at a loss. He attempted to help me but it was known by me was time to find another GI dr. and soon. I found a female GI dr. that I had heard was good. And I just seem to get along better with female Dr.’s, don’t feel as nervous.

She looked at my weight and browse the gastric emptying statement and said there was no way I had formed GP. So, lifeless end again. I was persuaded it was the GP. My husband is a fireman and we are an enormous category of firemen and households that look out for every other. Among our sibling fireman told his wife about my condition.

She suggested a GI Dr. in my town that she said was the best inside our city. She use to work for him and said he was the one for me personally to see really. My awesome husband Jimmy contacted the Dr. himself and much begged the Dr quite. to see me.