THE REALITY About Mary Kay


THE REALITY About Mary Kay

First of all, I would like to say thanks to my buddy Scam because of this opportunity to present to everyone, his faithful readers, what I hope will be a balanced view of the Mary Kay opportunity. My inspiration for submitting this short article is simple. My wife is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

I have observed great joy viewing the level of enthusiasm and enthusiasm she has on her behalf role in distributing the delightful Mary Kay experience to others. Realizing that we now have both valid and invalid criticisms of this ongoing company that my partner so greatly loves, I experienced it appropriate for me to create a place where in fact the pros and cons could be observed in a single place. That place here is.

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I feel honored to be given the opportunity to clarify myself and the site I started. What follows is (ideally) a well balanced view of the Mary Kay Opportunity. Mary Kay (for anybody which have never heard of it) is an organization that produces and distributes cosmetic and skin care products. The products are competitive in their own right. Although some may disagree with this assertion, I am quite self-confident these products can hold their own among their competitors. Two reasons. First, real people like it.

Second, quantities don’t lay. Mary Kay’s products are in least add up to (if not better than) anything else that you can get your hands on for an identical price. Real people enjoy it? Yes, they are doing. My manager is a perfect example. My boss is an amazing woman. She is the CEO of our company which is a small marketing/advertising company in Los Angeles.

She is sensible in every sense of the term, has run a successful business for over a decade and (like Scam) does not LOVE the idea of Multi-level Marketing (more about that later). However, as a professional women, she’s concluded (and confided in me, aside from our ‘work’ romantic relationship) that Mary Kay is the best product she’s ever used.

She is one, among many, of the women that my wife provides these makeup products and skin care products to. They all love these products. Here is a fascinating subject which i won’t spend an inordinate amount of time on. Mary Kay takes great pride in offering high quality products to their sales force, and eventually to their end consumer. I won’t enter the details of the numbers that Mary Kay puts up on their website. Check it out here. The biggest contention against/for Mary Kay (or any MLM) lies in this question.

Traditional Advertising or Direct Marketing? Both points of view have strong quarrels and therefore similarly, it is a preference thing really. If you prefer to plow your own trail, join an MLM. Going this route affords you the probability of big payoffs really. If you prefer traditional advertising, and folks coming for you already wanting to purchase your product, try one of the many companies that put their money there.