Top 20 Apple IPhone 3GS Apps You Can’t Do Without


Top 20 Apple IPhone 3GS Apps You Can’t Do Without

Which App Is FOR YOU PERSONALLY? The best thing about applications for the Apple iPhone, is you have the best selection to choose from. While Android is getting surface in the application war, the offerings of the App Store are hard to beat still. So how did we narrow it down to a top 20 list just?

We’ve tried to offer a wide range of different kinds of apps, all of which are scored highly. We’ve taken a neutral standpoint and pointed out the bad as well as the nice about these apps too. This is one of the most pricey Iphone 3GS apps, but with good reason. LogMeIn Ignition is an app that allows you to remotely control your PC or Mac wherever you are, all from your iPhone.

You can transfer and save files between your computer and your iPhone, as well as simply looking at files – basically it’s your personal computer on your iPhone. Great for if you travel a great deal, or even for business purposes – you can fix that PC without heading anywhere. The main one downside of this application is that you can’t control your computer to ‘rest’, so it really must be on the whole time.

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You might not brain that for a few hours, but if you are on vacation for two weeks, that is going to be issue definitely. Something for another upgrade Maybe. This free application feels a little naughty to use, but once you overcome that it is incredibly addictive. You are able to spy on people using Spy Cams live cams in thousands of locations throughout the global world.

If you’re a wannabe spy, or you’re just simple nosey, this is actually the perfect application for wasting a few minutes of your energy. Of course you can just look at the wonderful landscape, or dream you are actually on that paradise beach – however you use it is down to you. This free app is like having Photoshop on your 3GS – it’s really that good, and unbelievable that it’s free.

You can edit pictures in many different ways, all from your iPhone. Can’t stand that picture you’ve just taken? Fancy playing a practical joke on someone that your hair is now bright pink? It’s a breeze to use, with many different effects available. Imports and exports to Facebook too seamlessly.

Some pictures are harder to modify with this application than others, but if you focus in (using the most common pinch technique) you shouldn’t have way too many problems. LiveProfile is one of the best apps you can get for instant messaging on your phone for many reasons. The foremost is that it is free. The second is that it works together with Android, BlackBerry and ipod itouch too, so if friends and family don’t possess an iPhone they can still be area of the chatty action. The third is that it’s actually a lot more than just an instant messaging app too.

You have the ability to insert pics and videos, as well as position updates, and all of this can be and Facebook integrated if you want Twitter. Push notifications are used to too save your battery, which can only just be a good thing. Groupon makes coupons cool. No more is searching to discover the best offer, and using coupons the domains of grandmas – inside our current economic climate if we can save some money then we will take action.

Groupon provides you money saving deals everyday, and even some that are just electronic coupons (no printing and snipping here). The coupons can certainly be stored up to use at a later time providing the deal is still running. Now I’ve got you thinking this app is fantastic, it’s time for the bad news.

Not only does this app only apply to US and Canada, the majority of the deals are too only in major metropolitan areas. Still might be worth while keeping in mind for your next trip though. Crackle is one of those Apple apps for your 3GS iPhone that seems too good to be true. You can watch loads of Television and movies shows, in full and it’s free.