Top Image Systems, Ltd. (TISA) Stock Forum & Discussion


Top Image Systems, Ltd. (TISA) Stock Forum & Discussion

With this very tardy cash flow report, TISA has once disappointed again. But with the commentary in the conference call the organization outlook is currently officially worse than even these numbers would suggest. The earnings release gives much less information than previously, so we can not see licensing activity by product or region. We have to assume the complete lack of UNITED STATES activity we noticed earlier in 2017/8 continues to be absent.

The eGistics acquisition is most likely completely worthless at this point, except that the overall company is handled by past employees of their business lead shareholder now, which is something Perhaps. Sadly the SAP centered business in Europe and Asia may now be in decrease, since there are so many AP automation products available and also since SAP itself is in run-off mode as Workday replaces SAP installations around the globe. The enormous investment in SAP AP over the multi-year period and requiring a huge investment in expensive German development has yielded exactly one customer, and is now being changed by coding from Vietnam.

Wow- they set these bombs off in the decision therefore few people even go to that momentous news was not even remarked upon. No word during the ask whether Deluxe has terminated TISA, after acquiring First Data, but that seems inevitable if it hasn’t already happened. Comes word from Mr Now. Reidy himself that they intend to increase investment in the eGistics platform by adding “integrated receivables” capability and that is clearly a bad idea.

So many companies already offer the capacity but rates of adoption in the corporate market have been close to none. The lender market will probably be unwilling to do business with eGistics and TISA for the period forward. Mitek just received a buyout offer. Obviously there are any number of very significant distinctions between TISA and MITK but there is certainly one significant similarity: enormous single product reliance.

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One reason MITK is eventually heading to be sold is to diversify that reliance and allow cross-sales to a difficult to develop customer foundation. Top Image should go after an identical strategy when possible. Since nobody would currently buy the company as is (why?) TISA should take advantage of its public listing and roll-up other businesses. Perhaps do a preferred talk about offering, accept the dilution, and purchase others with strong banking romantic relationships (to cross-sell eGistics) or strong Workday development (to diversify the SAP dependency). For the time being, cut development to maintenance levels to preserve cash. They are urgent requirements.

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